Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toronto is so nice

I have ever been aware of this. The first time I apartment-hunted here, strangers on the streetcar practically collapsed trying to talk me out of living in what they thought were bad neighbourhoods (this story ends with me and my friends in a police stations with several cops trying not to snicker as they cross things off my list). It's not *exactly* been smooth sailing ever since, but certainly enough random acts of umbrella-sharing, lost-item-finding, and smile-giving have followed my progress here that I hold the whole town in high esteem.

Nevertheless, it is particularly nice when friends come from afar and the city shows itself off to best effect. And not just the museums and galleries, the zoo (oh, the gorillas, oh the leopard babies!!) and the restaurants. TTC, York Region Transit, shop clerks and strangers in the street, dogs on the street--A+ Toronto. Of course, it does help that the friends who visited are pretty amazing, also. A+ Winnipeg, also.

Anyway, so I've been gallivanting all week, which is the reason why that blog-everyday-in-November challenge that I was sort of unofficially doing is now no more. Oh well, we'll pick up where we left off.

The next writerly reading I'm doing is in Windsor, so perhaps I will find a new city to love. I've never been to Windsor, but I hear it is far away, so I'm not sure how many Rose-coloured readers can make it. If you can, or just are curious, it's here:

Thursday, November 27th
Mark Anthony Jarman, Heather Birrell, Russell Smith, Rebecca Rosenblum at a Salon des Refuses event
Art Gallery of Windsor / 401 Riverside Dr. W.
7:00 pm

And since this entry is already pretty random, one more thing: Journey Prize Stories 20 is out now, and looks gorgeous. I haven't read any of the stories yet except for the already-beloved "Some Light Down" by S. Kennedy Sobol, but if that's the standard set here, this is a must-read.

It's not what you say


frede said...

I adore Windsor. I'm sure you'll love it. Try to get to Detroit. The Art Institute is AMAZING !!!

Anonymous said...

um. i am not entirely sure i can sing windsor's praises. or detroit's, for that matter. but the art institute IS amazing. also the accents.