Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleep camel

I learned that term from the Idler's Glossary, in a discussion about those who will *not* idle, who make a contest of activity and reserve leisure for unconsciousness. A sleep camel is one who stays up to all hours during the week, usually in order to work extremely hard, and then crashes out all weekend.

I am very fond of sleeping, and try to do as much as possible, and yet I find myself more and more verging on the camel-type, popping out of bed bright-eyed on Mondays, only to be red-eyed and whiny come Friday. It's not *exactly* that I'm a hard worker though; more that I am an average worker who works on several different things, and also does a lot of random but entertaining non-work whenever the opportunity presents itself. For instance, this week I stayed up very late every night, doing the following:

Monday--Saw taping of So You Think You Can Dance, Canada? (go, Izaac!!) followed by work.
Tuesday--Read in support of Harold Hoefle's launch of the *The Mountain Clinic*, followed by hanging out at the bar, followed by work.
Wednesday--Fancy dinner with friends, followed by insufficient amount of work.

What has happened to my life? It is full of frolic, obviously, but also marked sleep debt. I have to manage my time better. Or have less fun. Or something I'm too tired to think of right now. Whatever. Don't call too late tonight is I think my point.

You overthink

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Anonymous said...

The only time I ever saw this show (two days ago) Izaac was dissed. I was looking for you on camera but was distracted by muffins.

Please elaborate on your fancy dinner. I love fancy dinners.

The Ferd Bird