Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stress-free degrees?

Impossible! But there's a University of Toronto Spring Reunion event that gives it a try, with mini-classes for alumni that have no tests or papers, and feature cool speakers from all walks of life. Also me, who is more from a hobble of life (no, seriously, something went wrong at yoga on Saturday). These are open only to University alumni, but if you are one, it seems like a great event: Barry Callghan, George Elliot Clarke, and Elizabeth Hay, among amazing others.

The stress comes in, not for the audience, but for me, who will be reading with Ms. Hay, and is thus very nervous to be in the company of the author of Late Nights on Air. Audience members are actually guaranteed a good time, though--since even if I fall off the stage, that'll be funny, and Elizabeth Hay is a truly brilliant writer; it's win-win.

You always play me in the cheapest key


frede said...

Congrats on scoring this. How did you get involved? You are thirty years younger than every one else on the panel!

P.S. The link to the u of t site in the side bar is wonky

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

The school wanted younger grads to pair with the more celebrated ones at the reading, and I just got lucky. Tres lucky, I think.

Thanks for the wonky-link heads-up--fixed now.


frede said...

well, as the website says, you *are* critically-acclaimed !! Sad to miss it :(

frede said...
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