Sunday, April 20, 2008

This weekend

Friday--I sat on a metal patio chair with an icy drink in my hand after sunset, brain shrieking, "This is patio weather, this is patio weather!" It wasn't, not after sunset, but that I could even delude myself for a couple hours is progress.

Saturday--A small child hit me quite hard with his bicycle. Although I very much wanted to yell at this small child, I did not, because a) I like to pretend I am a good person who could not yell at children, b) the child had fallen into the road and had his own problems, c) it is weather that children ride bikes in, and weather that a foot can be rather badly hurt by a bicycle tire because it is bare. I asked the child repeatedly if he was all right, and he repeatedly apologized, until he was able to ride off and me to hobble onward.

Also Saturday--I saw the movie *Leatherheads*, which made very little sense and didn't really even try, and yet there were a few scenes that were so charming that the rest of the film can coast on that.

Sunday--I strolled and ate brunch and strolled and got an enormous number of free beauty products and found the Luminato magazine (as far as I can tell, it was in the Globe, but neither Stars nor Nows) and felt good about the world.

Name it and I'll pull it out your ear

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