Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collectors' Items

I am so pleased to announce that my very first chapbook, Road Trips is forthcoming with Frog Hollow Press. It'll be out in May--maybe in time for my birthday! The book consists of two stories, "From an Eastern University" and "The Least of Love", and I am very honoured to have them published in what will no doubt be a beautiful edition, as all FHP publications are. So exciting! If you too are very very excited, you can preorder from the title link above!

An open secret around here is that I have written a great many stories about a character named Isobel, and even thought I was writing a collection about her at one point, although that has not worked out too well (*yet*--I'm certainly not done trying). Anyway, "The Least of Love" is one of those stories. Quite often, people get excited when I tell them certain stories of mine are connected, but other times I explain the connections and they don't care at all--a story begins on the first page and ends on the last for them, and that's that. For the sake of those in the first category (if any) I thought I'd list the (published) Isobel stories here--then you can feel free to ignore and read the stories as standalones, or to track them all down and read in order. Or not to read them at all, that's totally an option too.

These are in the order they happen chronologically in time for the characters, not the order they were written or published in. Places you can find them are beside the titles, should you care to do so.

"Dykadelic"--forthcoming in *The Milan Review" (May 2010)
"Fruit Factory"--*The New Quarterly* 102 Summer 2007; *Best Canadian Stories 2008* Oberon Press; *Once* Biblioasis 2008
"ContEd"--*Coming Attractions 2008* Oberon Press; *Once*; *The Fiddlehead* Summer 2009
"Christmas with My Mother"--*Earlit Shorts 4* Rattling Books December 2009; *Best Canadian Stories 2009*
"Far from Downtown"--forthcoming in *The New Quarterly* summer 2010
"The Least of Love"--forthcoming in *Road Trips* from Frog Hollow Press

So now you know, if you collect these stories, where you can collect them from, including a book that is itself going to be a beautiful collectors' item.

If you, you know, dig that sort of thing.



August said...

Oh wow. I will save up my pennies and see if I can snag a copy before they're gone.

Kerry said...

Holy Crap, Isobel was in Fruit Factory??? The universe has just expanded!

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Thanks for considering it, August. FHP publications are pricey, but lovely.

KC, it's so cool to see such a strong reaction!

August said...

I don't mind paying for stuff involving artisan labour; premiums for that kind of thing are more than justified. My finances are the issue, not the price of the book. :)

(I will literally be saving pennies. I have a jar that I take to the bank every few months.)

Kerry said...

It was SUCH a strong reaction-- I spelled crap with a capital C!

Rosalynn said...

Noooo! I followed the link to see the cover and got a 404 error. *Sigh* Guess I'll just have to wait til the real thing is in my hands :)

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Hi Rosalynn,

Thanks for that--I fixed the link--but we're still a ways off from deciding the cover. The font, however, has been chosen, and is very lovely.

Thanks for sharing the excitement!