Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New month's resolution

So I couldn't come up with any new year's resolutions. That makes me sad, because I love new year's resolutions. Hooray for opportunities to improve--I have lots of ways I need to improve! In past years, I have made 10 little resolutions to work on throughout the year, with a midyear review on my birthday (in case I decide some resolutions are stupid and decide to junk them).

But this year I can't think of anything I want to work on all year. In truth, that's often what's wrong with me--some resolutions get "resolved" early in the year because they are specific (ie., last year I resolved to learn one word in Japanese a week until I went there, and I did, and then I went there, and that was that) and others drag on because they are too open-ended (become braver was the other resolution--wtf was I thinking?? how?? and how will I know if I have??)

Even if they are good specific-but-long-term plans, by the time I get to the end of the year both my world and myself are usually completely different and I no longer want to do the thing I resolved to do. I think a large part of my problem with life, actually, is that I don't realize that everything changes all the time.

So this year I have resolved to resolve a new thing for each month. If it works, great, that can be part of my lifestyle, and I'll resolve something new for the next month. If it sucks, oh well, I'll junk it and have something new for the next month. I guess I could also renew a resolution for a second month if need be, but Penelope Trunk says it only takes three weeks to make a new habit, and I'm giving myself an extra week for cushion.

My January resolution is to start writing in the mornings, at least a little bit. Tonnes of writers swear by this habit, but I've always been a little brain-dead in the morning. I'm totally a morning person, I'm happy to get up and do things and even chat with you (very few people want to chat with me early in the morning, it turns out), but I don't feel I come up with great insight before 9am very often.

So what I usually do with my early mornings is go to the gym, but this winter I have been feeling that if I have to leave the house at 5:45 and walk in slush and cold and blackness to the gym every morning, I might die. Serious, this is a creaky old person sensation, and it's not good.

Thus I've been going to the gym in the evenings, which cuts into my writing time, so the logical thing would be...there you go. I tried it this morning--it was a little disorganized and not my best work by far but it's a try. Three weeks less a day to go!

Happy new year!

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