Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eden Mills, with new lighting

Ok, enough with adorable kittens--back to literature!

August asks, "How was Eden Mills?" and Rebecca responds--perfect!

It was no last year at Eden Mills, both better (because there wasn't a downpour) and less thrilling (because it wasn't the first day I ever saw my book); overall it was just a wonderful days of sitting in the sunshine, listening to great readings and eating muffins.

It would take threat of violence to get me to pick a favourite reading, but among the very very good were Andew Hood, Saleema Nawaz! Zoe Whittall! Sonnet L'abbe! Julie Wilson! And the man himself, Leon Rooke! See those last two below, revelling in their spellbinding stories (Julie tells me there is a mink or similar creature on the bank of the Erasmosa in this picture of her, but I can't honestly make it out).

Oh, it was a great day, so good to see so many friendly faces and good books. And then it was very good to come quietly back to the city and go to sleep.

They'll keep an eye on you son

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