Thursday, July 9, 2009


This morning, as I planned this post, it was going to be titled "Life is Good", because:

1) the Joyland Joyathon last night was so amazing and fun and funny and well-attended by awesome people (most of the pictures turned out terrible, due to failures of both technology and technician [though they are still available on Facebook, if you feel the need], but here's a decent one of Brian Joseph Davis and Emily Schultz kicking off the festivities:

2) I'm heading to pretty Kingston for the weekend.

3) When I took out the recycling this morning, my eye happened to be drawn to the far end of the alley, where I had never looked before (this is sad, sad, sad, considering how long I've lived in this building and that I'm supposed to have "an eye for detail") and found...a raspberry bush in full fruit! In the alley! I ate several, just to prove to myself I could--delicious!

But then I check out the internet, and found that in the next couple months, Toronto (and the world) will be losing both Pages Bookstore and Seen Reading. All involved will continue to work wonders with books and words in our city (and the world), but this will be a big change for us all, and take some getting used to.

So, yes, life is good, but it's also life, and we struggle to keep up as best we can. Onward. I'll be back in a couple days, with tales of jails and ghosts and Greek food, we hope.

I've been an irresponsible son

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phrederique said...

You ate several???? How fool-hardy!!! Have fun in Kingston :)