Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get Joy

Just a reminder that I'll be a part of the Joyland Joy-a-thon, which is part of the Scream Literary Festival. The event starts at 8pm Wednesday at the Stealth Lounge at The Pilot in Yorkville.

Ok, that's the practical details--the impractical ones are a) it's gonna be awesome, b) the first reader is Claudia Dey so don't be late, c) there's cover, but it's PWYC and it's for the awesome cause of a Joyland *tour*, d) it's hosted by Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis so, yeah, awesome, e) I'm one of the very last readers and it's an "athon" so I won't be hurt if you have to go to bed before I take the stage--you should still come out for the other readers and f) there's raffles in which you can win BOOKS!!

I thought you wanted me

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