Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writer Chic

Now wearing: very much too-big cotton stretch pants, usually worn as pajamas but today promoted to daywear due to laundry apathy, rolled at the waist to flood levels so that they will stay up, revealing bleach-white men's gym socks, originally my father's, given to me in a time of sock-shopping apathy; gangsta girlfriend white-and-baby-blue Puma sneakers; extremely snug/sexy (depending on self-esteem moment) navy TNQ t-shirt worn long over hips and bulge of rolled-up pants waistband; heavy burgundy-framed glasses; ponytail (ponytail = jail for hair that cannot adhere to the social compact); black cardigan with multiple armpit holes.

Sometimes (not often) I want to take the "eccentric" option that being a writer affords me.

Just broke up

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August said...

So is that the female Writer's Uniform? I've been wearing the male variant almost every day for years: dress shirt, jeans, casual footwear (either Army Surplus combat boots or Adidas shell-toes), and a blazer. On formal occasions I add a tie to the mix, or if I'm feeling really swank, I swap out the blazer (black or brown tweed) for my burgundy velvet smoking jacket with wide black satin cuffs and lapels. (Serously; there are photos of me online, drunk as a Lord, in the burgundy velvet.)

Do I get bonus points for the optional scraggly beard and glasses?