Friday, September 25, 2009

Week's End Round-Up

As usual, there's way too much going on and I'm falling behind, but let me try: Toronto's very exciting, super-book streetfest, the ever-popular Word on the Street is back on Sunday--great for deal hunters and outdoor reading hunters, but now so populous as to be extremely unfortunate for agoraphobes. Fred explains how unwieldy and expensive hardcovers are an anglophone problem. Glee is apparently the best show ever made, but I of course don't have a working tv so have only seen this bit (wow, and a website pinker than mine). Oh, and my story "Christmas with My Mother" is forthcoming in *Best Canadian Stories 09* from Oberon Press.

I'm sure there's more; more reports as they surface.

Now put your hands up


AMT said...

you have a story about bexychristmas!!?? and your mother?!! i like both of those things! i am very excited

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Sorry, AMT--totally not autobiographical, and completely tinsel-free.