Monday, May 11, 2009

Feed the fish, water the plants

Once upon a good long time ago, I swore I would go visit my brother in Japan. And contrary to my actually, non-travelling personality, tomorrow, I depart.

Since January, I've been learning words and phrases and concepts from Japanese language and culture to help me on my way, and my bro has lined up a place for me to stay, a Metropass and many many good times, so I know this will be an amazing trip. Yet, of course, I am a basketcase over the undefined disasters that might overtake me en route. When I try to define them, my disasters become ludicrous--having my vitamins confiscated at customs for being in an unmarked container, not being able to go to *all* the different science museums I want to see, discovering that Japanese sushi is so good that the Canadian kind is ruined for me forever, etc.--and yet I still fret.

Because I often regard momentous events in my life as the end-all of everything, I am having a hard time remembering that things will continue to happen once I return from the east. But they will, and it's good stuff, too. To inform y'all, and remind myself:

--Juneish--interview slideshow for Open Bar with Ian Daffern, photos by Dave Kemp on Open Book Toronto
--Summer--Two stories ("ContEd" and "Tech Support" in the Summer Fiction Issue of The Fiddlehead
--July 8 (not July 4, as has been previously, erroneously stated here)--reading at the Joyland Joy-a-thon, in collaboration with Toronto's Scream in High Park
--Sometime soon--a 12 or 20 Questions interview with rob mclennan
--Also sometime soon--my short story "Do" shall appear in the Antigonish Review

It's not at all as if I don't *intend* on blogging at least a bit (at least pictures!!) from Japan, but who knows what will going on with me on the other side of the earth. So though you may well be hearing from me in this space at the usual much-too-much pace, then again, Rose-coloured may be radio-silent until June, so the promise of future writings has to get you through somehow.

If that's the case, I hope you do have a delightful May, with many uncertain adventures of your own. And though I may fall off on blogging, email is forever (ha!) so if you need me: rebeccabooks(at)excite(dot)com

Stay with me / go places


frede said...

Bon voyage Becky! I am so happy for you to be going on this fantastic trip. Have fun and greetings to your brother!

Kate S. said...

Have a glorious trip! Bon voyage and safe journey.

anywhere_Smile said...

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