Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classics in a narrow category

This morning in the shower, I firmly decided that MTA by the Kingston Trio is the best song ever written about public transit (and that was before I realized there was extant video footage of a performance, or of anything that happened in 1959, which only makes it better).

But then I wondered, who exactly are they beating out? *Are* there other public transit songs? Many about planes, that one about the submarine, but subways and intracity buses? Streetcars?

I came up with the bit about the crosstown bus (double decker!) in the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" and of course The Weakerthans "A Civil Twilight there anything else? There must be!

Play this silly game with me, even if only in sympathy that I have nothing better to think about in the shower in the pre-dawn hours!

Why I'm always remembering you


writer_guy said...

You're missing the greatest transit song of all time: the Shuffle Demons' classic "Spadina Bus." (Dated only by the fact Spadina bus no longer exists. The tune, however, is utterly timeless.)

August said...

"Magic Bus" by The Who.

And of course the spectacular "I Get On (The TTC) - I Put on (for my city)" by Randal Paul

saleema said...

M79 by Vampire Weekend is named after a bus route!

M79 on YouTube

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

OMG, OMG, my head is exploding! There are *two* raps about the TTC. And one includes the line, "pocket full of celery / when I get off at Bellamy."

The world is amazing.

Also, it turns out I like Vampire Weekend. I think I had them confused with the Cancer Bats before.

Thank you guys so much!!