Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yo Homo

Scene: Half a dozen teenaged boys, black and Hispanic, elaborate coats and sneakers, at a bus shelter one icy afternoon.

Boy in heavy duffle coat, open, white cloth cap with strings dangling beside his face, under a baseball cap
says: Yo, most of the stuff you guys say "yo homo" to isn't even gay.

General muttering

Cloth Cap: Like, two guys hugging. Two guys can hug! That's not gay. That's so not gay.

Visor: That's sorta gay.

CC: Would you hug your dad? That's not gay, right? You can hug your dad. I hug my dad all the time. Will, would you hug your dad?

Will (skinny, sweatshirt but no coat): Well, I don't hug my dad that often. On his birthday, maybe. Or on my birthday.

CC: Why can't you hug your dad? You love him. I love my dad, I go up to him an' I give him a hug.

Will: But you probably have that sort of relationship, yo. I love my dad, I just don't hug him.

CC: But there ain't nothing gay about it. You can hug your dad, you can hug your friends. Like me and Jason, yo. I see him, I go up and I give him a hug. We're as close close as anything, man, I give him a hug. Like this (he hugs short boy standing in front of him. Short boy is taken by surprise; almost falls over).

Short: Hey, man. I dunno.

Peanut gallery jeers.

CC: No, you gotta just do it with the one arm, the guy hug.

(tries again; short boy backs away)

CC: It's not a gay thing.

Short: Nobody said it was, yo.

CC: Yeah, well, nobody better say it's gay for a guy to hug a guy.

Peanut gallery jeers.

Short: Nobody said it. You brought it up.

(CC tackles short boy. General melee. Bus arrives.)

Now his nurse / some local loser / she's in charge of the cyanide

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