Friday, March 6, 2009

What I've Been Up To

1) Listening with alarming interest to paranoid conspiracy theories (but still not to zombie apocolypse scenarios, rest assured).
2) Getting Disney tunes stuck in my head, apropros of nothing (I haven't heard that song *outside* of my head in 15 years).
3) Tracing stuff with a pencil so it will scan better.
4) Being asked, yet again, about my ethnicity by strangers. I'm thinking, the next time someone asks me, "What's your background?" I'm going to glance over my shoulder and try to describe what colour I think the wall is painted.
5) Getting a nice review in Jewish Book World. The online version's not up yet, and it's a US mag so you might not be able to find it here, but rest assured, it's nice.
6) Hugging poets.
7) Glamourous parties.

The last three make up for the first four, natch.

Everybody loves a train in the distance


Troy Jollimore said...

Congratulations on the review -- I'll look for it. And good for you re #6! Too bad I'm so far away.

Ransermo said...

I always have under the sea going in my head. I couldn't stop humming it whenever I'm swimming.

Congrats on the review.

Do poets want to be hugged?


AMT said...

poets, in my very limited experience, are either desperate to be hugged or never ever ever want to be hugged by any known human.

but i have only known two poets, so this could equally be true of, say, optometrists or gravediggers.

obviously what *I* have been up to is too much coffee.