Saturday, February 21, 2009


Sometimes, I become so upset at my teetering stacks of books and papers (commented one recent guest, "You're busy!" me: "Or should be!"), email queue and general failure of productivity, that I resolve to scale back on all frolic, forthwith. Which is of course the signal for an eruption of amazing frolicking opportunities amongst my friends and acquaintances. Thus, last night spent on the announcement of the Descant Winston/Collins poetry prize (congrats to all the long- and short-listers, and to Descant for the amazing bash) and later on guitar harmonies and silliness (I sure know the words to a lot of bad songs). And then today, between the yoga and the photo shoot and writing this very important blog post, I had amazing things planned, workwise...which didn't quite happen. And in a few hours, I have to go out for Mexican food!! How do these things happen?

Something, obviously, has to scale back. Don't worry, it probably won't be this blog; does a junkie ever get too busy to shoot up? I fear it's sleep.

Wake up
The house is on fire
And the cat's caught in the drier

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frede said...

um, photo shoot??? tell me more :D