Friday, February 20, 2009

Dulce de leche

#1--(describes delicious dulce de leche filled pastry he bought once in a store)

Me--I once saw a recipe for that where you just take a can of sweetened condensed milk and boil it in a pan of water for hours. That's it! So simple.


#2--You know, a lot of pressure can build up in that can, and sometimes they can explode. You have to time it really carefully. How long do you boil it for?

Me--Dunno. But I'm sure it said in the recipe.

#3--Maybe you should open the can a little bit, so that steam can escape?

#2--No, it has to be in the sealed can for it to work. But then if it explodes there's all this busted metal coated with boiling sticky milk flying around. You could get really hurt.

Me--I'm sure that mostly doesn't happen. In general.

#2--I'm worried about you specifically doing this.

Me--I wasn't going to do it. I just mentioned it cause *he* said--

#3--I don't want you to do this, Rebecca. You can buy dulce de leche in a can.

#4--A can that doesn't need to be cooked.

Me--Guys, guys, I'm not going to try to make anything that involves boiling syrup under pressure. I know my limits. Last night I was talking on the phone and I fell off the couch.

#2--That's a relief.


#1--You failed at sitting!

Me--Yes, I suppose I did. Thanks for phrasing it just that way.

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Kerry said...

Oh no-- are you being chick lit again? Because that is a wacky way to topple off a chair.