Monday, January 19, 2009

Words of Strength

Monday excitement--I'll be reading at Strong Words tonight at the Gladstone Art Bar (that's the room *upstairs*; there is a different, also very good bookish event going on downstairs).

It's an impressive lineup, and slightly intimidating as both my fellow readers are not only writers but performers--Kathleen Phillips as a character comedian and Mike Smith as the punk-rock poet and stand-up surrealist White Noise Machine. Read their full bios at the link above, and come out tonight to experience their performances firsthand. I'll be reading my short story about romantic longing at the grocery store, "Hello Hello," from the latest issue of Rampike and trying, as ever, not to fall down.

Got gloss on my lips


Rick Cardella said...

Strong words indeed.
It felt very personal the way you told the story.
Great way to "take a risk."
You're cute too.


Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Thanks, Rick. It was such a great evening, great readers and listeners and organizers (and bass notes). I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!