Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official: My Hopes are Up

Barack Obama will be President of the United States of America in 1.25 hours.

I am thrilled.

I would like, for a good long while, not to hear another cynical word about getting my hopes up too high, pinning too many hopes on just one guy, or anything along the lines of "bound to be disappointed."

The people of America voted for a guy who believes in the ideal of change, the ideal of transparency and accountability, the ideal of partnership and bi-partisanship, negotiation and respect and diplomacy and discussion.

They voted for the ideals and for the person they thought embodied them, not for the promise of getting all those things by next weekend. Among other things, the American people voted for a President that respects that they make intelligent decisions, that the American people can be reasoned with and informed as adults, and they voted for a President who would present such a vision of America to the world.

Let's do American voters the honour of respecting their informed election of their polical leader. I really don't think anyone is expecting a miracle, but nor do I think those of us who *do* expect rational discourse and thoughtful reform are in any way misled. A little bit, over the long-term, I actually do hope for greatness.

Happy inauguration!


Kerry said...

At the very least, it means hope isn't futile. It means that reality can one day turn into something that seems utterly impossible now. There is room to dream without getting ones' head in the clouds.

Rattling Books said...

Hope has intrinsic value. In and of itself. I think it's a defining characteristic of human nature and one of the more endearing ones.