Monday, November 24, 2008

Minor pleasures

Because there can never be too many, here are some minor pleasures to try:

1) Telling strangers their dogs are cute.
2) Getting an up-to-date phone book and recycling the old one.
3) Touching paper over glass. Seriously--the nicest sensation. There was an ill-placed window in the changing room of my gym that they just recently papered over (I never noticed it before, but that doesn't bear thinking about) and I am now in love with touching that window. Cold through dry--I can't explain it. It's lovely.
4) 14 second video of a kitten falling asleep.
4 a) The fact that when I mentioned this at a party, everyone wanted to see.
b) The fact that when we searched this on someone's iPhone at the party, there were *pages* of sleepy kitten videos
c) Other people's iPhones, one of the only things on the planet that inspire technolust in me.
5) A peck on the cheek.
6) Feeling smug about buying nothing on Buy Nothing Day

They always did the best they could.


August said...

Oh sure, get me hooked on sleepy kitties as I'm getting ready for work.

Kerry said...

Wow man, sounds like a wild party. You need to get out more, or at least to somewhere else. ;)

writer_guy said...

Nice list - I've long felt the simple kiss on the cheek is underrated - but, given the lousy economy, shouldn't we at least buy something on Friday? To do our bit to keep the economy going? Nothing big, just something small and meaningful. Given your literary leanings, perhaps we should be encouraged to buy a book. Maybe two (keep one, give the other to a friend).