Friday, November 7, 2008

In the papers

Well, many great things, obviously, mainly about the American election and how this is the beginning of good things. I feel like many people are experiencing envy of Americans right now, and that is not something we experience very often. There's a great article in yesterday's *Globe* by Karim Bardeesy, though, about how Canadian polictics might experience a similar surge of empowerment. Dare to hope!

Also, there's a short article about me in the current issue of the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin. It's a good piece, but it's not online, so this information is really of use to you if you are a) in Ottawa, and b) know where to find that paper. But still, I'm pleased it's out there for those who meet both criteria.

Ok, so the title/theme of this post is something of a reach--I just had two disparate things to say and they both happened to be published in newspapers. But it's Friday and I am sooo tired. A few people have asked me today if I have plans for the evening and I do--curling up in the fetal position. Week of November 3, you have defeated me. But in a good way.

You're hot then you're cold

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Helen said...

Dear Rebecca,

I found out about you, your book and your blog in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin. I've enjoyed looking through the blog and plan to buy the book next time I'm at Chapters.