Thursday, November 6, 2008

Everyone is awesome today

1) Today Fred reminds us all that she predicted Tuesday's historic victory for Obama in July 2004. Today *I* would like to remind you all that I have been saying since the 90s that Fred is a genius, so really, reflected glory ought be mine. I predict further that somehow (from behind the scenes, most like) Fred also will do great things for government. Check back in 4.

2) Evie Christie's Desk Space is always awesome for literary voyeurism, but Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's entry is bonus good because it not only talks about what she's working on, it features a clip!

3) The new issue of The New Quarterly arrived last night, packed with goodness, including the much anticipated "On a Picnic" by the amazing Kerry Clare.

I am well pleased with our universe at the moment, what with all of the above, plus a democratic president-elect, plus 15-degree weather in November, plus...oh, maybe I'll have some pudding now!

You're in then you're out

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ferd said...

The weather is awesome here. Thank you for aiding and abetting my self-aggrandizement. LOL. So impressed by your people on Tuesday night!! Woo hoo America.