Monday, October 6, 2008

This Week

My desk goes live! The Walrus review of *Once* goes on-line. And on Wednesday, Mark Kingwell, Joshua Glenn and Seth launch The Idler's Glossary at the Gladstone. They're doing a "Twelve Step Program for Idlers"--I'm not sure if it's to become one or to stop being one. I'm hoping for the former, as I'm sure I could use 6 or 8 of those steps. I worked most of the weekend, and am tired now.

King's taking back the throne / the useless seeds are sown

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Anne-Michelle said...

yay walrus! short and sweet! brillant, brillant. (man, after all this awesome publicity, i will have to come home at christmas and tell you all the parts that suck. ok, i am obviously kidding.)