Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Politics

I try not to ever talk about politics with people I don't know well, not because I don't have opinions but because I am so pathetically ill-informed that I can't defend them properly. But sometimes I get blindsided by politics, and I manage to learn a little something, about something or other.


D: To even do ok in the debate, Joseph Biden had to be so smart and so erudite and so careful, and all Sarah Palin had to do was not be a monkey. Really, people are thrilled that she formed complete sentences and didn't fling her own feces.


J: So, everybody knows that light has amplitude, right?

Me: Ok, now I know, but only because you just told me this second. I don't think normal people know that.

J: Normal people?

Me: Well, most people.

J: The people who are going to be allowed to vote in two weeks don't know this? Oh no!

My mother says what you gonna do with your life

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Anne-Michelle said...

it IS very odd: how the debate is apparently a contest, because one person can 'win' it, but one of them is understood to be trying to win at the decathalon, and one of them is understood to be trying to win at, like, duplo. sigh.