Monday, March 24, 2008

You might wanna

...come see a bunch of writers, including me, read tomorrow night at the Exile Quarterly/Exile Editions Launch: 7:15, the Dora Keogh Pub, more info at the link. High hopes for fun and literature abound.

Other fun upcoming is the Idle Tigers show at The Embassy on Saturday, 29th of March as part of the Pitter
Patter Festival. I hear the Tigers are going to be up quite late in the evening, so if you can't make that, you can always just pre-order the record, The Spirit Salon ahead of the May 1 release date and feel giddy with anticipation. I did, and now I do.

Also, it was both sunny *and* warm this morning, a rare combination. Hooray!

So pay my way into Graceland

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frede said...

Oh I wish i were coming to the event. Do you know the idle tigers personally?