Wednesday, October 3, 2007

16 Days

AMT reminded me last night of one of the most excellent perks of the potential post-brace world: gum! Remember three years ago, before I found out my jaw was doomed, when I used to be a pack-a-day girl? And even after my orthodontist banned me, but before I got the braces, whenever someone offered around a pack after dinner, I'd guiltily take a piece and savour it with glee? (sidebar: offering gum around after dinner is *so* our generation, isn't it? catch anyone over 35 doing that!) Remember when I used to try every new variety of gum that came on the market? Well, probably you don't, but I did... My last big hit was Extra Bubblemint, back in good old 2004, but I hear the gum industry has grown by leaps and bounds without me. At lunch, I was expounding upon my plans, and someone told me there is *chocolate gum* now. They said it's horrid, and it does sound so, but I will soon try some and know for myself. Hypothesis and experimentation, baby--that's what it is all about!

If I can. I suppose there is a small possibility that my orthodontist is going to tell me that my jaw is still too fragile for frivolous chewing. But I figure even if he does, I can still have the occasional piece, just as long as I don't overtax myself. Right?

Gum gum gum gum gum.

Your aspirations for shreds

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