Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smart cat

The cat I am cat-sitting is a genius! She has figured out what the sound of my alarm clock means! What it means is that I am going to hit the snooze button and lie there for 9 (0r 18) more minutes, not entirely awake but conscious enough for petting. At the sound of the alarm, she comes scrambling from the foot of the bed or, like this morning, the other room and positions herself by, or on, a hand. When I can feel her there (my eyes are usually still closed) I pet her, and she is happy.

Seriously, that's some pretty good behavioural knowledge after less than a week, no? And she knows that the boiling kettle sound, which is similar to the alarm-clock sound, is useless to her, so she just glares at me until I shut that off.


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August said...

Cats are very smart; they have twice the neural connections in their brains as dogs, making them very good at problem solving. Expect to see more feline exploitation of your habits as the cat-sitting goes on.