Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stuff to be sad about

In case you didn't take my point yesterday, my problems are totally lame and largely of my own making. Doesn't really cheer *me* up to think that, but might cheer you, concerned friends, to know that I have not been stabbed, shot, hit by a car, infected with anything, fired, dumped, or insulted. I'm merely having a loserish week (and it's only Wednesday). To whit, here are some things that, if you do not have enough problems, you may wish to be sad about with me:

1) Not yet having the new lists issue of The New Quarterly (for which this list is a poor substitute).
2) Combination skin.
3) Was working on a new story for several weeks, put it on hold to work on something else, and upon returning to the project, can no longer remember what the hell I was planning to do with it.
4) Dressing not on the side, as requested.
5) Amy moving away. Sadness not improved by opportunity to buy her stuff since I don't need any stuff (but maybe you do?)
6) Still cannot find crystal lightning bolt earrings (has been six years, but every now and then I re-open the mourning).
7) Russell Smith launch on same night as Guy Gavriel Kay launch; RR not cloneable.
8) Hardcover books hurt my tiny mouse hands.
9) Weekend kitten visit apparently cancelled.
10) While catastrophic affects of doing large part of a project backwards have been averted (by frantically redoing all the work), am terrified someone is going to ask be why I did it backwards...and I won't know the answer.
11) Now worried that listing bad things that have not happened to me (see above) will tempt fates.
12) Tax season.

To balance things out...good stuff:

1) TNQ will likely come soon.
2) Guy Gavriel Kay launch with Scott and co will be super-awesome (and perhaps afford an opportunity to eat in a food court, one of my favourite forms of dining).
3) Weekend bowling still on.
4) Finished 3rd draft of another story (the one that distracted me form #3, above) and sent it away.
5) People keep giving me free lipsticks. I counted this morning (what? you have your hobbies and I have mine) and discovered I have seven lipsticks, despite the fact that I have not paid money for one since the year 2000.
6) Have a blog to complain to.
7) Sparkly sunrise this morning.
8) Nice friends.
9) Mother some sort of tax genius.
10) Am wearing sockettes with gold trim, as purchased on my whirlwind trip last May.
11) Spring.



Rosalynn said...

Rebecca, your TNQ Lists issue will come, I promise. I'm expecting it to arrive in our office sometime next week and we will mail it out on the double!

On my stuff to be sad about list: I sat on my sunglasses last night - they are beyond repair and I only had 'em for a couple weeks. Thank god they only cost me $8. :)

Amy said...

Stuff to be happy about #11: Amy will likely be in Toronto as often as she possibly can, and will appreciate seeing Toronto friends all that much more!

linda said...

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