Friday, January 15, 2010


Thanks so much to all who chimed in (or even thought chimeful thoughts) on my vocab-rant last post. I don't think anything on Rose-coloured has ever garnered 11 comments. Thanks for letting me know/reminding me that word definitions are whatever most people understand it to be, my last subhead was defeated by its own cleverness, and the rules of grammar do not apply to David Mamet--I'm feeling considerably more chilled out about things now.

Except rhetoric--comments from smart people indicating that they don't understand that word have undermined my own confidence that I understand it! So, coming soon: a post about rhetoric.

But today promises to be the busiest day ever, so not today. Today I'm just enjoying about simple things like: a) it's sufficiently warm in my apartment (example of the simple joys in my life: I got out of the shower and didn't want to die), b) my headache from yesterday went away, c) the video below, and c+) the fact that I may have learned to embed it correctly (we'll see), d) that if I can just make it through the busiest day ever, I get to Skype with far-off friends, and tomorrow, someone is going to make me sweet-potato soup (Rose-coloured philosophy: hooray for sweet potatoes! I recognize as a philosophy that needs work).

I have noted that not everything in the world is good. Accidentally watching the news from Haiti last night on the gym left me near tears on the elliptical trainer, I am so sad about the loss of P.K. Page, and I think certain friends are having some tough times these days.

I'm not saying that this video ameliorates any of that, but I do think it's very funny and it's only 47 seconds long. 47 seconds of distraction is worthwhile, I think. (Thanks, Ben, for the link!)


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