Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Advent Books blog is up and running. This site consists of concise (25 word!) book recommendations for gift-givers every day in December from various bookish folks. I'll have one up later in the month--only for such a wonderful project (from your hosts, Julie Wilson and Sean Cranbury) would I be able to strong-arm my ponderous thoughts into 25 words!

I received the beautiful PEN-Canada essay collection Writing Life, edited by the incomparable Constance Rooke, as a gift a ways back. So big and imposing is the tome, it took me a while to open it, but each essay is so vibrant and wildly different from the next, so insightful about this crazy thing called writing, that it seems the read will zoom.

A nice review in the (print) version of Broken Pencil of 2008's Coming Attractions, which featured Daniel Griffin, Alice Peterson and myself. Yay!

I am cold and sleepy, and I have been trying to order a DVD online for 2 days without success, but really, what are these things in the face of literature?


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