Thursday, December 10, 2009

Announcing *The Big Dream*

Hey. Um, hey! I...had so much fun with that first book I published that I've decided to do it again. Really!!! Biblioasis will publish , *The Big Dream*, my next of short stories about people and their jobs and their lives around them. As the book is currently only slightly more than half done and the publication is thus rather far away, I am having a lot of trouble believing this good news, but it helps that it's announced in Quill and Quire.

Thanks, Samantha, Dan, John, assorted friends and loved ones, for being excited about the book and believing I can do it. I am very very pleased about this!



Kate S. said...

Congratulations Rebecca! The prospect of a new book from you is very exciting.

Intisar said...

Congrats!! I'm looking forward to it.

Laura said...

Super, Rebecca!

And please, please let the fictional company be remarkably like the real-life company we both used to work for... ;)


August said...

Congratulations, ma'am. Can't wait to read it.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Thanks so much, you guys! Now all I have to do is finish writing it!

AMT said...

woop! excellence.