Monday, November 16, 2009

I may or may not be going somewhere with this

Here's what I do:

1) Wet the toothbrush under the tap.
2) Put toothpaste on the brush.
3) Brush teeth.
4) Spit.
5) Brush tongue.
6) Spit
7) Fill a glass with water.
8) Take a sip of water; swish it around mouth; spit (3x).
9) Take final sip of water; swallow.
10) Rinse toothbrush.

What do you do?


Da Ferdbird said...

1. Put toothpaste on the brush
2. Wet the toothbrush under the tap
3. Brush teeth and tongue
4. Spit.
5. Fill glass with water
6. Swish and spit (1x)
7. Rinse toothbrush

The end

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Oops, yeah, and then rinse toothbrush. Thanks, DFB!

AMT said...

i leave out your steps 7-9? otherwise the same?

has someone been suggesting radically different approaches?

Kerry said...

I don't even brush my tongue. I am disgusting.

aceraceae said...

1. Wet toothbrush.
2. Put toothpaste on brush.
3. Brush teeth.
4. Spit.
5. Rinse brush.
6. Brush some more.
7. Spit.
8. Rinse brush.
9. Brush some more.
10. Spit.
11. Rinse toothbrush
12. Put handful of water in mouth and swish (twice).

I don't brush my tongue. It feels too weird.

August said...

1. Apply toothpaste to brush
2. Brush teeth.
3. Spit.
4. Rinse toothbrush.
5. Put a handful of water in mouth and swish.
6. Repeat step five.