Monday, July 27, 2009

Treats and Wonders

Via Scott: Of course I love this gallery of book sculpture because of coolness and ingenuity. Of course I hate it because no one is reading those books. It's very confusing.

Canadian poet (and cool guy) Troy Jollimore had a lovely poem, "At Lake Scogog" in this week's New Yorker.

Once, I told AMT a tale of woe about working very hard on a story for months, only to have the nth draft dissolve in my hands like grains of sand--it was an unworkable idea, but the only way to find that out was the months of work on an unpublishable story for which no one would congratulate me. And AMT, a linguist who regularly runs experiments that are sometimes brilliant and sometimes not, explained to me about a little publications called *The Journal of Null Results*. I said, "Please blog that so we can all feel a little better about things. And she did--I hope you do!

For the glue to dry on our new creation

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