Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I did complain about lack of mail in a previous post, but the fact is I get something interesting, if not something actually personal, almost every day. Of course, it helps that I have signed up for a lot of free-sample mailing lists ("oh, look, a package of egg-salad seasoning/skin cream/energy bars/tampons!") and have a low threshhold for excitement.

At the higher end of the scale, we have yesterday's arrival of the Fiddlehead's Summer Fiction Issue, which contains my stories "Tech Support" and "ContEd" (click the link to see an excerpt, as well as lots of other exciting stuff by Andrew MacDonald, Shane Neilson, Katia Grubisic and many awesome others.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of myself, and things I'm doing with awesome others, I should mention that on August 19, I'm participating in a Now Hear This! reading, as a part of the SWAT program (that I taught in last spring? remember last spring?) My fine fellow readers include Mariko Tamaki, Colin Frizzell and Andrew Daley. Note the the early start time--6pm! This event is *all ages* and friendly to the hungry, since you can order supper during the readings. Don't get anything crunchy, though, ok?

Yes the heart will always go one step too far

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Ransermo said...

Carrot sticks; a public reading menace. :)

Are these samples self-inflicted, all I ever get in my junk mail are real estate agents flyers and ads for me to join a gym.