Friday, May 18, 2007


The world is shiny leafy green bird-ridden and nearly the holiday weekend. I'm at work now, and I work tomorrow, but then I get taken to my favourite beachfront Lake Erie restaurant in the official kickoff to pre-birthday festivities, for both myself and Ms. Victoria. Yay! And the mailbox contained "Awake is the New Sleep" by Ben Lee this morning. And it was as catchy as the title indicates, despite the fact that Mr. Lee seems to thank his guru in the liner notes.

And in the valley today, it was an avian rainbow, with a cardinal, a Baltimore Oriole, too many robins to count and a pair of decidedly loved-up finches. Such brilliance as I trotted along. I think I'm starting to come up to speed for the summer months, although also this morning I baked bread and ate rather a lot of it, which isn't helping my training. It's funny, with running or writing or speaking or thinking, I'm never really sure how I'm doing, but when I bake good bread, I know it's good. I can be absolutely positive, even if other people don't want to eat any. This morning's batch? Best ever. In my humble opinion.

The head can be a prison / And these are just conjugal visits