Friday, May 11, 2007

Colour wheel

In addition to myriad fine-motor-skill deficits, my inability to grasp the colour wheel also held me back in elementary school art. Complementary colours seemed a rather random game to me. Mainly I couldn't draw/paint/sculpt anything that looked like anything, but the colour wheel was factor in those Cs, too.

Really, green and blue *can't* clash, can they? Shimmery green leaves and brilliant blue sky? Grey-green shadowy water and blue-green sun-lit water? Perfectly complementary. Jaime used to say, "Blue and green should never be seen, except for in the washing machine," and perhaps as a sartorial choice, the combination lacks something, but in nature...

I've been running in the valley again, can you tell? Oh, big clear city! From down there, early in the morning, you can't even imagine smog. Now my knees hurt, but I don't care--too perfect.

In other news, I got my meanest rejection letter ever today. I'm sort of jazzed by it. Perhaps because in the SIX MONTHS it took them to respond, I had already made the suggested changes. Perhaps because anything is better than the form letter paper-clipped to a single page from your story because the letter doesn't even have the story title in it (maybe even worse, the story name the only thing typed in Times New Roman, while the rest of the letter is in Ariel, or vice versa, or whatever typographic slight can be mustered). Perhaps because irritation takes energy and I'm always flattered when editors expend any energy on my work.

Perhaps I am deluding myself. But I'm still in a good mood.

Younger and prettier / but no better off

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