Saturday, April 21, 2007

So sleepy

I went to bed 'round 3 last night, and woke up around 7 to do a bit more marking before heading out to teach the yutes some grammar--and then mark more. Now, when I'm down to 29.5 exams left to mark and could finally unguilt myself enough to sleep, I am consumed with the desire to tell you about the fun party I went to last night.

Our department head threw it at her (gorgeous) house, as a mixer for all cohorts--past, present and future--of creative writing at our school and the other uni in town that offers it. So it was all ingenuous aspiring writers and the wise sucessful ones who mentor us--all writers, writing teachers, and one musician/producer. Of course, some of my favourite folks were there, but even all the strangers were charming. Maybe the secret is to always party with writers, who are professionally into being interesting and also usually really good food.

Maybe the secret is to always wear a bridesmaid's gown. I had thought I would wear it on Thursday to my defense, on the grounds that it is the nicest thing I own and the defense currently the most important thing going in my life. My mother, however, was so vocally dismayed at the prospect of even thinking of me entering an official academic context in said gown that I couldn't go through with it, despite having already made vague asserstions to Mister Mentor to the contrary. So I was pressed to wear it to the party, which I was ever so glad I did. Man, I love that dress--so swirly. That Laurk has impeccable taste. And I didn't even spill anything on it.

I was so enjoying myself that, when towards the end of the evening when the graduands were toasted, it was realized that I was the only one left. The toast was amended to, "To Rebecca!" In my state of delirious exhaustion, this sounded exactly right.

29.5 more exams. But Melanie is somewhere in the city, so I expect tomorrow won't be an entirely serious day.

there was a hedge back home in the suburbs


PS--Consider a glass raised to *all* graduands, in writing, legal translation, med school, wherever your educational path is leading.

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The Chapati Kid said...

It's 3:30 am and I'm still marking. And farting around every site I know.