Saturday, April 14, 2007


In case you were on the edge of your seats about my bad morning yesterday, you should know that after gratuitous Mika-listening, things took a swing for the better. Just as I was leaving the house, I glanced for the 10000th time at the bookshelf and, bingo, there was the lost book. We here at Rose-coloured are choosing to interpret this as the dybbuk taking pity, and not as premature dementia. Thanks to all who were concerned. Jane and I are thrilled to be reunited

In celebration I went to the Bay in search of stockings to wear to my defense (because so many graduate degrees have gone awry due to inappropriate hosery choices). Post-purchased, I was offered a free facial. Are there people who say no to such things? Not around here--now I am glowing. Glowing! So lovely is beauty-capitalism that I was actually starting to think (as the nice lady massaged something gooey onto my cheekbones) that the reason department store cosmetics are so expensive is because they are *nicer* than drugstore things. I went so far as to enquire prices, only to find that the little tub of masque cost $85. Even I cannot delude myself into bankrupcy, so I made my apologies. Startlingly, the lady of cosmetics did not lose faith in me but gave me many tiny tubes of sample products, I think as bait to buy some, but which I will use *instead* of buying anything. Then I went upstairs to lingerie to find several dismaying advances in women's undergarments since last I shopped, which, since we are still pretending that this is a terribly professional blog, we will not discuss.

Then, gym, then being delivered to the friendly theatre folks at the Walmer centre, who put me to work carrying things and prying carpentry staples (my deadly enemy) out of the window ledges. The Biscuiteers are exchanging labour hours for rehearsal space, and cheerful bartery project, if I do say so. And then there was this strange Moroccan "feast" that I went to at a cafe, for no other reason than that it was free. The food was fairly par, but there was a *belly dancer,* something I'd never seen before. My companion had to split, so I was reading and tea sipping when the ambient music got louder and I looked up to find a sequined undulating hip next to my head. The lovely woman was really talented, flexible and confident, which as a good thing since she was not performing under ideal circumstances (almost no audience, people passing through performance space, bare-foot, -bellied, -armed, -etc *in front of a door*... It was a maginficient performance, under those or any circumstances.

I was sad I had to go before it was over, but since it was to the land of delightful foods in Little India, not too sad. And it was delightful, and so was yesterday, despite the inauspicious beginning.

Today involves work and later more feasting at the much vaunted "Becky Eats" celebration of orthodontic success ce soir. So, on with that then.

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