Thursday, April 26, 2007

On breadth

Wow, thanks for the fascinating reading responses yesterday. Despite one teensy freak-out over having possibly alienated Kerry (no!) with my over-glibness (a problem that I have), I enjoyed the discussion. I do feel compelled to clarify, though, that I actually really did *like* The Lovely Bones. I guess the thing I am judgey about is message/moral focussed reading--like, "I spent $30 on this book, I'd better emerge a better person." I feel that I read for specific, intimate stories of real (even if imaginary) lives, and that to "use" the lessons of a book in my own life would require a level of generality I dislike. However Kulsum is right, who am I to judge? If you are reading Anna Karenina for ideas on how to execute your extra-marital affair with panache, ok, maybe I get to judge (maybe not), but otherwise, a reader is a reader.

Anyway, I think I somehow veered away in my post from my original question, which was about the good of breadth requirements in undergrad. Below is a more concise and focussed query, if you are interested in pursuing it. I put it up on Facebook, too, as there's a slightly different audience over there. Any non-lit majors wanna weigh in? I know you're out there! If people respond, I'll put together another post; if there's silence, I'll let this topic die a peaceful death.

A genius marketing plan

On breadth

I have been wondering what people think about breadth requirements in undergraduate education. I'm not even sure all universities have them--it means that whatever discipline you are in, you must take at least one humanties, one social science, one math/science and one language class. I actually loved the classes I took to fulfill that requirement, but I was wondering if that wasn't just luck, if being forced to take a class in something you dislike doesn't actually push you further from it. Thoughts? Memories of years and classes past?


Monika said...

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Kerry said...

Rebecca, my friend. When I was in university I did poorly in my science courses. I even got a C once! I think that if they'd been geared from a humanities approach (instead of from an idiot's approach) I would have done better. I also think that I was stupid in university, as now I devour science books like ice cream and worship EO Wilson. And all that took was marrying a man with a BSc for inspiration.

PS- I also liked The Lovely Bones