Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More euphoria

If you are finding the Rose-coloured blog does not meet all your reading needs, perhaps you'd like to check outThe Hart House Review '07, where you'll find graceful poems by such as Helen Guri and Yavanna Valdellon, and a short story by me! It's "All the Ghostlies," and it won 2nd place in the HHR literary contest! Hooray! The journal has no web presence that I can find, unfortunately, but you can pick up a copy at Hart House itself. If your location precludes this but you still want one, I can likely be talked into getting you one without much trouble.

Despite this wonderful news, I am actually no longer euphoric, as I am plunged back into marking and sundry other pressures. I am starting to realize that I have committed to a lot for this summer, and it pisses me off that it's going to be hard, because none of the projects are things I don't want to do. How sad is that? I'm not even sure who I'm mad at--the world for being so interesting and giving me so many wonderful opportunities? Myself, for needing so much sleep?

My point is that I was euphoric yesterday, and probably will be so again, as soon as I mark 6 more exams, reread the failing papers (2 so far--sadness) and put all the grades into a Word document. And fill out some forms. Oh, and pay the hydro bill and reschedule my dentist appointment and write a new short story...I'll sleep when I'm dead, I guess.

There was a hedge over which / I never could see


Kerry said...

Very congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!