Monday, April 9, 2007

Long weekend

Kicked off the long weekend with a stellar meeting of the Free Biscuit-reers, which would be the theatre group I'm helping out with. They're a group of actors committed to innovation, inclusion and ingestion of biscuits, and they graciously allow me to play along and help with scripts and stuff. Ever fun. They' got a blog, and to kill two birds with one stone, you could surf on over and find not only what the group is like but read a film review I wrote of "Reign Over Me" at Free Biscuit Theatre. If you haven't the time, the short version is that Free Biscuit is awesome and so is Adam Sandler.

Anyway, that film plus a peck of writing is what I did Friday, and then more work of the teaching variety plus a delightful trip to see my family on Saturday. Over cocktails I flew into an inexplicable rage (not really, but I was snarky) because my father told a delightful story about a horse he encountered as a child that I had never heard before. I somehow felt, having known my dad for nigh on thirty years, I would only be hearing breaking news and I was alarmed to know that he was sitting on such good material. As a result of my snark, over the course of the weekend got two more brand new stories, also delightful. I am on the verge of demanding my parents and everyone else I know get a blog (that will never happen). Really, you might think this blog is very boring, but this is exactly the sort of information I want to know about you. Yes, you. Go on, tell me what *you* did Thursday night, or the last time you were on a horse. If you don't, I'll accuse you of holding out on me.

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