Thursday, April 5, 2007


Hmm, so I've put up some links. So far the links are only to people I know and journals I've been published in. Is it just me who uses the internet primarily as an interactive medium? Really, except for friends' sites, email, Google and Facebook, I read the occasional journal and that's it. Ok, and sometimes Television Without Pity (yes, I read tv because I can't watch it--sad sad sad). I know people who keep totally up on current events, film, music, whatever, but unless I know someone involved personally, I'm not likely to find out anything. How do people get so cyber-connected, and how do they find time? Hmmm...maybe this blog with somehow connect me to the secret internet universe of useful knowledge... I doubt it. Good thing my friends are so interesting.

And it's not 9:07 am. I've really got to fix that.

It's just the bullets

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The Chapati Kid said...

Whee! Well done! Soon you will be a blog maven. And I read TWoP too! AFTER watching the shows I read about. I have WAY too much time even though I have no time...