Saturday, April 28, 2007

Better Daze

Aside from an hour-long migraine that zonked me at lunch-time (who gets a migraine for an hour?) yesterday was pretty productive, and capped off with a delightful dining/book-searching experience with Mister Scott, who took time from writing stories upon stories (productivity all around!) to buy me hwae dop bop at Hosu and help me search for books! That was a really long sentence. Everything I write is really long, these days. The novella project is stalled while I try to complete a "short" story that currently stands at an utterly point 10 000 words. I'll have to cut it nearly in half to make it make sense, which I knew from the get go--why can't I write efficiently the first time? This is a question for another time, or likely the rest of my life.

For now, a short leftover anecdote from Thursday: my brother was eating a popsicle and he gave me half as we walked down the street. I dropped behind him for a minute, and when I caught up, he said, "!" I had somehow covered my entire face in pink popsicle in 60 seconds, including my nose. As I wiped my face (with the back of my hand, because I am suave), he muttered, "I am so glad I gave you that!"

Somebody showed me a picture and I just laughed

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