Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Do

I haven't posted any events in a while, in part because I have been, as I may have mentioned so busy I haven't been going to many. But here are some I do plan to attend, because they are awesome and I will soon be (I hope, touch wood, fingers crossed, etc., etc.) less busy. If you are also less busy, perhaps you are interested in:

--the University of Toronto masters in creative writing showcase and gala tomorrow night. Should be some good readings, possibly some wine and cheese, and a nice opportunity to clap for Andrew when he is awarded a prize!

--Bad Dog theatre improva at That Friday Show, (appropriately) this Friday night. Hilarity, uncertainty, and pay-what-you-can--how ideal?

And if you are, sadly, too busy to go out, be comforted that I fully understand.