Monday, March 22, 2010


Remember a few weeks ago this meme went around Facebook about how you were supposed to post a picture of the celebrity you look most like? Well, you probably can't remember, because you have better things to do, but I don't, and was really amazed at how many of my friends bear a shocking resemblance to people I haven't heard of (but are famous, and attractive [natch, because I have attractive friends]).

Anyway, I wanted to play, too, but couldn't, because I don't look like anybody. Well, I look like my mother, who is a delightful person to look like (it makes me very happy when I introduce her as my mom and people say, "Well, obviously!") but she is sadly not (yet) famous for anything. So I didn't to do the meme.

Then, this afternoon, I was at the gym in my ponytail and sweaty t-shirt, trying really hard to do a good clean and jerk (I can do it, too, but I just can't admit what's on the barbell) and it came to me! It's not the comparison I've always dreamed of (which is: perhaps someday someone will tell me I look like Winona Ryder in *Heathers*, pretty much my standard of female beauty).

I had to take this picture myself, so I'm not sure it really captures the striking similarities, but I still find it spooky:

Do you see it? Not, like, twins, but some definite correspondences!


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Sandwitch said...

Ha! If it makes you feel better, I'd definitely say you are way more Winona than Oscar!

Thanks for the chuckle...