Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Falling Behind

I've been reading along with Canada Reads Independently and picking up bits and pieces of Canada Also Reads, and somehow began to believe that the CBC's original Canada Reads was also a long-term, readerly discussion. I thought maybe it had already started, or would start soon, and go all spring. And that at some point in all that, I would get around to reading one book from all these lists, my sole attempted at a shared reading experience, Nikolski (I chose to read this one pretty much because Steven W. said I have to. (Never let it be said I don't read/obey my comments.)

Apparently, I've botched even that, because Canada Reads seems to have started yesterday and apparently will end on Friday, which strikes me as a rather compressed time-frame. So I started reading Nikolski yesterday and though I probably can't finish it in five days (I'm a little confused so far, and keep having to flip back to see who did what), I hope to have a good enough grasp on it experience an emotion (like happiness! or sadness, perhaps!) if it wins or loses the contest.

I don't know why I thought Canada Reads lasted months rather than days, and why I am so incredibly out of the loop that I don't even listen to the radio anymore. I also tried to pick up the phone last night and accidentally dropped it back into its cradle. The person did not call back, and I suddenly really regretted not having call display. Was it you?

I think a lifestyle rejig might be in order.

Yours, reading quickly!


Andrew S said...

Don't feel bad -- I haven't even started Nikolski yet, despite the best intentions to do so that I've held since about, oh, 2006....

I do pat myself on the back for reading Century ... but I really find it hard to jump on the Canada [optional qualifier] Reads bandwagon, as I always have more reading to do than time to do it, without the dictates of group reads.

Re the telephone, anyone important will call back. It's probably a good idea to hang up on principle, actually.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

That's my issue too--all these books look good, but I already have a sizeable personal list that also looks good.

I cannot make my peace with the missed call, or any missed call. On Valentine's Day, 1998, someone called for me while I was out, and my roommate said to call back later...which did not happen. I *still* wonder about that one.