Friday, March 26, 2010

Events: I likes them

Last night was the incomperable Book Madam's Sociable at the Pour House, which I attended with Kerry Clare and great joy. It would have been more useful if I'd blogged about this *before* the event happened, but you probably heard about it anyway. I'm a little out of the loop, but judging by the crowd around the bar, this was not an event that suffered from lack of publicity.

More upcoming events of awesomeness:

Wednesday March 31, 7pm--The launch party for the Baracuda anthology, put together of the most outstanding work from last year's SWAT program. One of my students is in it, and some of this year's are going to come out and applaud. I'm super-stoked.

Sunday April 18, 3pm--Draft Reading Series re-emerges from its winter hibernation with readings by Michael Bryson, Ian Burgham, Dani Couture, Ellen S. Jaffe and Mark Sampson. Woot!

Monday April 19, 6pm--Launch party for the poetry books by Paul Vermeersch, John Steffler, and Dionne Brand.

Wednesday April 21--Um, I think I'm reading, at the Free Times, as part of the Now Hear This series. Except, when I went to get the link, I got this instead, so now I'm not sure. Maybe someone will tell me soon. Check this space.



August said...

Events indeed.

I might be able to make it out to the Draft thing, but no guarantees.

It was great to see you again!

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Great seeing you, too, August--how was the rest of the evening? I had such a good time, but I always assume the very best parts happen when I'm not there!

August said...

The rest of the evening was pretty good, though I confess I had way too much to drink.

I just stayed glued to that patch of bar and talked with whoever came past (which turns out to be a lot of people, including Alana Wilcox, thought nobody told me she was Alana *Wilcox*, and that's the sort of information a book blogger/writer/wants-to-work-in-books guy kinda likes to have). By the end it was just me, Stacey May, and David Leonard. I think it would have gone on much longer if they hadn't had to go to work in the morning.

I don't know if I would call those 'the best parts', but you could avoid missing any parts at all by staying to the end. ;)

Andrew S said...

There's a chance I'll make the Draft reading, given that I'll be in Toronto that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Egads. Sorry about the complication of websites for the HEAR/HEAR Reading Series. The info for the event should be up here by the end of today:
We're also trying to fix that link. If in doubt, always go with Facebook at Again, sorry. Jen.