Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Print Psychiatry

On the weekend, I dreamed that I was a verso page, madly in love with a recto. Is that weird? I mean, of course that's weird, you're weird for even understanding that, but...really weird?

There's 1001 what-sort-of-bramble-bush quizzes on the Web, but this one Rosalynn at the Literary Type is pretty special (she has such good taste). It's like a five-minute psychological/typographical analysis, and it's very soothing. Except I turned out to be Courier, when I feel very strongly that my personality is Times New Roman.

Yours in lunacy,


Anonymous said...

I am not Plastica. No one is Plastica.

August said...

Apparently I am Plastica. I really wanted to be Monotype Fournier.

You dreams are really not so weird. Last week I dreamt I spent the weekend fighting demons with one of my favourite web cartoonists. Although she didn't find it that weird, so I'm really curious to know what *her* dreams are like.

Phil said...

Me and a plurality of participants are all dot matrix. How disappointing.

Swiss Miss said...

I am Marina Script.