Thursday, February 25, 2010

"How to Keep Your Day Job" in *Room Magazine*

Hmm, I seem to have gotten confused about when this was coming out, but I'm quite delighted that it turns out to be now! You can find my short story "How to Keep Your Day Job" in issue 32.4 of Room (the issue isn't on the site yet), available now, much to my delight.

I had an awesome day with the teens, in case you were wondering.



Kerry said...

I got it in the post yesterday! Unfortunately, I'm still quite behind in terms of periodicals, but I will be happy to get to it when I finally do.

Andrew M. said...

checked it out at chapters. reminds me a bit of "Heavy Metal Housekeeping" by Nadia Bozak, from the journey prize antho a little while back.

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