Friday, January 8, 2010

Everything is terrible

Examples of everything:

--Building manager's inspection of my apartment finds that it is not illegally cold. But last night, before bed, teeth were chattering! Mine! Indoors! That should be illegal.
--This morning, my bus rear-ended another bus.
--A tiny but important little bit'o'code on my computer was devoured in the night. Now I can do everything but the thing I need to do right now. (note: this was fixed almost immediately after I wrote about it by a kind colleague, but that's not the point. The point is what is the universe's *deal* that it would do that to me?)
--Hot Friday night plans: avalanche of tax forms.

Although everything is, in fact, terrible, that expression is not mine. There is actually a website called Everything Is Terrible (you should have known) filled with alarming/sad/hilarious found footage. I've only seen the cat massage video, which I think has been doctored to make it even more disturbing than it was originally (ie., very) but it's an interesting concept.

I'm just gonna put my head down for a little bit now. Oh, no, wait, I'm going to do this mountain of work.


PS--I will try to post something rose-coloured on the weekend. As soon as this migraine receeds a little.


writer_guy said...

Have you measured the temperature yourself? (My humidifier came with a digital temperature gauge, which has come in handy over the years.) I'm sure you know your landlord needs to keep a temperature of 21 degrees C. I had the same problem as you in my last apartment - at one point, the temperature was 12 C! My landlord bought me some oil radiators which were great - until I continued to blow out fuses (since the apartment was also poorly wired). Needless to say, I don't live there anymore. (Now I have the opposite problem: my apartment is too hot in the winter. Sigh.)

amy jones said...

Do you pay for power (uh, I guess you Ontarians call it "hydro")? Cause if not, I recommend and electric space heater. Or, in dire situations (which this one sounds like), the oven can be a good temporary solution... ahem... not that I've ever done that myself...

August said...

When I lived in Sudbury the boiler in my building was out almost continuously from November to February, and we did the oven trick quite often. We also found that filling the bathtub up with scalding hot water worked, though it added a touch of humidity, so we had to do it over and over again to keep the humidity from causing chills.

But as far as space heaters go, if your wiring is sketchy to begin with you're almost begging for a fire. :/